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if you have a problem in the field of packaging, then feel free to explore our product catalog bellow. We offer you a high range of tapes including masking, special, packaging, printed and many others!

Carton Sealing tapes

Manual and automatic application

Tape&Go carton sealing tapes for every kind of application, both manual and automatic. You can see printed tapes in our carton sealing catalogue bellow. We belive you'll be satisfied with what we offer!

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Masking tapes

Painters favorite!

Beside being painters favorite tape, designers and artist love them too. You don't have to be professional to use our masking tapes, we are covering all fields from automotive to building, professional to DIY fields, and many more! Bellow is our product catalogue for masking tapes, feel free to explore it!

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Special tapes

Versatile and quality!

Special tapes category is something we are the most proud of. In this section you can find fameous duct tape, aluminium, cloth, double sided, etc. They are both versatile and quality and it is used almost everywhere!

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Top quality tapes to boost your creativity!

Everyone loves DIY tapes. The most popular category which allows you to craft true masterpieces. With that in mind, we are creating our tapes only with high quality. If you are worried about price then don't worry, our decent price will leave you only to worry about which tape to pick.

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Carton sealing

Tape&GO self-adhesive tapes for industrial use is suitable for every kind of cartons and application ( manual and automatic application ), granting high seal during storage and the transportation. We promise you will enjoy looking at our carton sealing catalogue.

Masking tapes

Masking tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper, and an easily released pressure-sensitive adhesive. Tape&GO masking tapes are serving the requirements of multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, building and construction, car refinishing, DIY, hardware and paint and marine solutions for any paint job. Painters love them the most! You will love it too. Check out our masking tapes catalogue bellow.

Special tapes

We can offer big range of high quality special tapes suitable for packaging and labeling, transportation and logistics, e-commerce, building and automotive, professional painting and DIY. In our catalogue you can see our famous duct tape! We are proud to present you special tapes catalogue!


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